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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Purpose and Scope[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this document is to serve as a reference and an user guide for the SMART4ALL Marketplace. It will be updated continuously during the project duration and fixed versions will be released in Month 36 and 45. Most important scope of the deliverable is the presentation and the detailed description of all services offered by the SMART4ALL Marketplace. It will present the basic services and the infrastructure as well as the artifacts available in the Marketplace. For each section there will be an overview describing the criteria for selection and evaluation followed by the available services. In the following chapter the concept and the basic features of the MaaS is shown. Chapter 3 gives a description of the user interface and a guide showing how to use the presented features. In the fourth chapter an overview of the specific artifacts that are available in the marketplace is presented. Chapter 5 concludes the document with a summary and an outlook for the next project period.

Approach[edit | edit source]

As this document will be updated continuously during the project duration by various partners providing input to the Marketplace, the structure chosen tries to reflect the responsibilities for the tasks in the project. The overall marketplace concept and the backend services as well as the user guide are presented in one chapter each, the artifacts, which have been an will be selected for presentation in the Marketplace are described in subsections of Chapter 4, divided according to the WP5 tasks.

Relation to other Work Packages and Deliverables[edit | edit source]

The relation of the Marketplace as a central part of WP5 the respective work package has a central role and clear interaction with all the rest SMART4ALL WPs. Specifically, apart from itself and rest of the WP5 Tasks, it received input from WPs 3, 6, and 7 in the form of funded projects’ information and artefacts provided through the Marketplace and offers output to WPs 2, 4 and 8 as a critical pillar facilitation further promotion, outreach and advertising, sustainable business modes and impact monitoring.

Marketplace As A Service (MAAS)[edit | edit source]

Users Guide[edit | edit source]

Available Services[edit | edit source]